The Forest Tuner

forest bieg
Polska band inspirerad av svenskt musik och kultur. I sin musik de vårda spontanitet, kärlek, sanning, enkelhet, glädje och hopp.
In English: The Forest Tuner is a band as well as a person. He derives happiness and peace from close listening to natural sounds of forests, mountains and rivers surrounding him. Creating melodies from what comes to his ears, he delivers them like stories, from which each listener can make up their own, personal message.

The idea for this type of music came out of an inner need for presenting the beautiful simplicity of the sound of acoustic instruments. The music is also a manifest against the pervasive ravishment of the virtuosic side of music. Being professional musicians we do not show off our skills, focusing instead on the niceness with its all colours. The values we appreciate the most are: love, truth, simplicity, pleasure and hope.

“The music is pretty straightforward, moving between melodic mainstream Jazz and Jazz-Rock Fusion, excellently performed by all participants. (…) Overall this is a very promising debut recording, which as usual emphasizes the incredible level of the young Polish Jazz scene, which seems to be blessed with a plentitude of talent and a healthy dose of ambition. Definitely worth investigation!”
- Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack Of My Life
Bandmedlemmar och instrument: Szymon Bialorucki - trombone
Mateusz Sobiechowski - piano
Adam Tadel - double bass
Piotr Budniak - drums
Hemsida: Website Title

Kontaktperson: Katarzyna Wojcicka
Telefon: +48509657761

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