Sweden has many talented jazz musicians. They need opportunities for development, whatever form of jazz they may exercise. This requires money. The association fights for more resources in public cultural policy, through different foundations and in other ways. But these resources are limited.

We live in a society where individuals are given more space to take individual initiatives. Some people have done invaluable efforts for the jazz in this way. But there is room for much more. That is why we have started the Jazz Fund.

Contributions can be given without earmarking. Then the federal board will best allocate the contribution to benefit the development of our precious music form. Contributions can also be given with special priorities and wishes. The donor may, for example, favor a certain form of jazz, more women in the jazz or support younger and promising musicians.

Many jazz lovers have come a bit over the years and may be thinking about their wills. Someone would like to honor one friend in one way or another. This can be done through a contribution to the jazz fund. Or, someone simply wants to make a contribution to jazz development. Then the Jazz Fund is a good choice.

Thank you for your contribution!


Jazzfondens Plusgiro account number is 640 348-9


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