Nya Modigheter

The project Ny(A)modigheter (a word-play: New courage-nesses) is now running - a venture driven by MAIS (Musikarrangörer i samverkan where Svensk Jazz is one of the member organizations) with support from PostkodLotteriets Kulturstiftelse. Four calls for applications will be announced during 2017: in March, April, August and October. It is possible to arrange concerts until March 2018.

Read below how the project is presented for arrangers. 

Contact at  Svensk Jazz regarding Ny(A)modigheter is Lisa Löfgren.

What is a courageous concert idea for you?
What would you like to book but have this far not dared?

As an organizer you will be able to apply for support of up to 15,000 kronor per concert in 2017 to follow through brave concert ideas - concerts that go beyond the scope of what you usually book. Concerts within the project need to be completed by March 31, 2018.
The project also includes competence development at distance or during one of our four seminar weekends.


We believe that live music and a wide range of concerts should be available to everyone regardless of whether you live in a small town, in the countryside or in a metropolitan region, no matter how easy or difficult it is for you to get to places and regardless of gender, age or where you were born or raised.

It is also important that those on the country's scenes reflect and represent the population and diversity found in Sweden. To make it happen efforts are required to support and encourage organizers, and Ny(A)modigheter - a project funded by the PostkodLotteriets Kulturstiftelse - is such an initiative.

will serve as support for you as an organizer of your long-term work to make more people feel welcome to your concerts. It should not be an alibi to perform some single concerts with norm-critical characters. Ny(A)modigheter needs to affect your regular concert activities.

For more information - read more on the project's own website, nyamodigheter.se (Click Apply in the top right to access the application form.)


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