Nya arrangörer (New arrangers)

New Arrangers is a two-year, cross-disciplinary effort to catch up and strengthen new organizing initiatives and networks in the free music scene with focus on knowledge sharing, practical guidance and national networks. Nya Arrangörer is a collaboration between Svensk Jazz, RFoD (Riksförbundet för Folkmusik och Dans) and RANK (Riksförbundet av Nutida Konstmusik). 

nyaarr logga

The project's first round was held in 2014 and was funded by Statens Musikverk. Within mentoring ten new organizing initiatives took part in hands-on guidance and practical advice on writing good project descriptions, finding sponsors and local partners, writing applications and organizing concerts. The method that, without the requirement of municipal support or past activities, give a startup and building-up support for younger, qualitative organizer initiatives with long-term ambitions have been very
fortunate. Svensk Jazz sees that this is a necessary tool to rejuvenate and diversify the organizing forefront of Swedish music scene.

The current round of the Nya Arrangörer was announced in fall 2016. The set-up this time is that new and established organizers split into pair partnerships where the aim is to learn from each other. The participants that were selected represent different genres and regions of the country.

Contact and project leader for Nya Arrangörer is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Most of the articles will be published in Swedish only.

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