Restaurant Gine Gaustad Anderssen Band

Fotograf: Henrik Bengtsson
Gine Gaustad Anderssen (10.10.1980) is an experienced singer and composer, November 2016 she is releasing an album with her own compositions and lyrics. Her album HEIM, offers light and delicate music, but with powerful dissemination and rich improvisation. The norwegian singer and composer Gine Gaustad Anderssen is known as a present performer who has a gift in the way she warmly conveys what she has to say with her pleasurable soothing voice. Together with Gine in this constellation presenting her own music is: Carl Emil Svensson (SE) guitar, Fredrik Nilsson (SE) double bass, Arve Henriksen (NO) trumpet, Thomas Gustafsson (SE) saxophone, Hermund Nygård (NO) drums, percussion and Martin Öhman (SE) drums.
Bandmedlemmar och instrument: Gine Gaustad Anderssen (vocal), Carl Emil Svensson (guitar), Fredrik Nilsson (double bass), Arve Henriksen (trumpet), Thomas Gustafsson (saxophone), Hermund Nygård (drums, percussion) and Martin Öhman (drums).
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Kontaktperson: Gine Anderssen
Telefon: +4798630495

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