Free member database - MyClub
All members get free access to an online member database where the association can handle their own members, fanbase or media records. You can easily print mailing labels and invoices, send messages (email and SMS), create different types of membership lists and more. You can also get invoices and labels printed and sent by post from Svensk Jazz office. To log in to MyClub, see the module to the right.

Free annual fee on ticket booking system
Members also have access to a simple and convenient ticket booking system and do not have an annual fee of 5000 SEK. More information can be found on the service's own site.

Book subsidized touring productions - Participate in projects
The most common project within Svensk Jazz is the so-called Pulsslag (heartbeat) that is an annual jazz tour in Sweden for usually four jazz groups. Besides this, occasional efforts also are made by various groups, concepts and projects that go on tour.

Support and advice from the Jazz Office
To be a player in the jazz scene is wonderful in many ways, but sometimes there are issues that might need help with to solve. The Jazz Office is there to help. If time allows we will be happy to guide your way among donors, organizations and other issues within the field.

Regional cooperation
In several regions there is a well functioning regional cooperation within the association, where they continuously review how jazz players can interact. Some regions put together several joint tours a year and get in that way cheaper travel costs and other synergies.

Financial support
The associations that qualify for state grants can apply for this via Svensk Jazz instead of through Kulturrådet. More information about the qualifications is to be found on Kulturrådet's webpage. 

Contact with others within the jazz scene
Many new member associations of us commented that after joining as a member they have established a larger network in the jazz field, both with musicians and arrangers. Our website has a contact list of all members and a constantly updated directory that features hundreds of jazz groups.

Member news on the website
As a member you can post news on our website. As soon as there is a new post the Jazz Office will link this to the Svensk Jazz Facebook page..

Discount on Orkester Journalen
Members of Svensk Jazz receive a 50 SEK discount on an annual subscription of the magazine Orkester Journalen, Sweden's most comprehensive trade magazine about jazz music.

Discount at Elite Hotels
Members of the association have the opportunity to use the agreement Svensk Jazz has with Elite Hotels - particularly Hotel Adlon in Stockholm, where the contract price for a single room is 1295 SEK (weekday) or 845 SEK (weekend). At other Elite hotels we have 12% discount of their current prices according to the agreement. Booking through this link provides an additional discount of 50kr on the contract price. If you want more information about this please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Become a member!
Do you want to become a member? Fill in this simple form and the board will process your application at next board meeting (this year's meetings will be held in February, May, September and December). The membership fee is 600 SEK for most of the members in the beginning. Those who receive government grants have an annual fee of 5 000 SEK minimum and 10 000 SEK maximum.

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