There are many Swedish jazz groups of high international class and they deserve several listeners and greater attention. This was the starting point and has become a guiding star for this tour project that started in 1994. Pulsslag was initiated by Faschings vänner (Friends of Fasching jazz club) and Svensk Jazz that has become the main arranger of the project.

In previous years, a number of, usually four, jazz groups have been nominated for the tour series. The selection has been made in cooperation between a handful of jazz clubs in the country.

The groups are then booked by jazz clubs around the country. Tour period is normally two weeks.

In 2016, Pulsslag consisted of a tour with Karin Krog who visited eight different cities in Sweden in September. The project was funded by the Norwegian Embassy.

During 2017, because of reduced funding we will not be able to arrange any Pulsslag tour. We are working to be able, next year already, to offer organizers and musicians the possibility to join Pulsslag.

Through this link you'll find a complete list of participants in Pulsslag during previous years.

Contact at Svensk Jazz regarding Pulsslag is Lisa Löfgren.

Don Qui Five
från Göteborg kommer att representera Sverige i det nordiska samarbetsprojekt Nordic Jazz Comets i år. Årets upplaga av den nordiska dagen där en musikgrupp från varje nordiskt land presenteras, kommer i år äga rum på Barbican Centre i London den 25 november som en del av London Jazzfestival.

Det svenska bidraget till Nordic Jazz Comets utses varje år av en referensgrupp, som i år utgjordes av representanter från de nordiska jazzförbunden; Raisa Siivola JazzFinland, Lars Thor Jensen, JazzDanmark, Oyvind Skjerven Larsen Norskt Jazzforum, Olafur Jonson Reykjavik Jazzfestival, Terese Larsson Svensk Jazz

Så här lyder gruppens internationella presentation:

”Don-Qui Five stretches the limits of improvisational music into new territory. The music has its roots in jazz and progressive rock but is at the same time closely connected to free improvisation and world music.  

With the deep seriousness and the hyperactive playfulness of a child - the energetic quintet kicks a hole in the modern jazz scene. Don-Qui Five is the band that grabs a hold of you and that doesn't let go until you fall in to ecstasy and for a short while forgets that there is a tomorrow.

Since 2013 the band has followed through several interesting projects - among others:

- Released the record “DQ5” in 2014 with great reviews, one in Swedish music-journal “Lira”.
- A three-part music video-collaboration with Swedish multimedia-collective Bombina Bombast (watch it here).
- Collaboration with famous Swedish impro-singer Lindha Kallerdahl at one of Swedens biggest jazz-clubs “Jazz I Malmö”.
- Played at the internationally renowned contemporary music-festival GAS-fest in Gothenburg in 2016.
- Released the second album “Derek” in Nov 2017 as a multi-art project on swedish label KAIP. ” 

Don-Qui Five är:     

Adrian Åsling Sellius - altsaxofon
Signe Dahlgreen - tenorsaxofon
Henrik Büller - barytonsaxofon
Jonas Nilsson – kontrabas / kompositioner
Axel Larsson – trummor

Följande nordiska band kommer också att spela: BounceAlarm! (NO), Baldvin Snær Quintet (ICE), Signe (FI), I Just Came From The Moon (DE)

För mer information:
Terese Larsson, Svensk Jazz, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. 08-4071743

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