Svensk Jazz has since many years given awards that often have attracted much attention. The awards are usually handed out at the association's annual meeting or in other appropriate context. tillbaka delat ut utmärkelser som ofta rönt stor uppmärksamhet. Utmärkelserna brukar delas ut i samband med förbundets årsstämma eller i andra lämpliga sammanhang. The awards that exist are Basisten, Jazzkannan, Lifetime Achievement, Årets Jazzkommun and the newly established Årets Jazzklubb.


Basisten (Bassist)
Svensk Jazz's award Basisten is for someone who has done jazz great favors, not necessarily through playing but through organizational or other work promoting the development and distribution of jazz and it has been handed out since 1993. The prize is a sculpture of the artist Göran Hazelius. 

Previous award winners

2016    Åke Björänge (in the photo to the right together with chairman of Svensk Jazz, Magnus Thuvesson)Åke Björänge
2015    Bengt Säve-Söderbergh
2014    Jazztidskriften Orkester Journalen
2013    Ingrid Strömdahl
2012    Harald Hult
2011    Conny Johansson
2010    Jan Bruer
2009    Bosse Stenhammar
2008    Jan-Eric Askenström
2007    Rune Nilsson
2006    Gunnar Holmberg
2005    Kjell-Åke Svensson
2004    Ivar Lindell
2003    Lasse Müller
2002    Bosse Broberg
2001    Göran Engström
2000    Åke Edfelt
1999    Bengt Nyqvist
1998    Ander R Öhman
1997    Göran Nylöf
1996    Lars-Göran Thuresson
1995    Bengt ”Abbe” Johansson
1994    Bertil Sundin
1993    Lars Resberg och Leif ”Smoke Rings” Andersson

Jazzkannan (Jazz can)
Svensk Jazz jazz can has been handed out since 1993 for innovative efforts in jazz music. The award is a special custom designed - of course - jazz can.

Previous award winners

2016    Susanna Lindeborg (photo on the right)Susanna
2015    Jon Fält
2014    Cennet Jönsson
2013    Sofia Jernberg
2012    Magnus Broo
2011    Lindha Kallerdahl
2010    Helge Albin
2009    Alberto Pinton
2008    Ann-Sofi Söderqvist
2007    Bengt Berger
2006    Per Henrik Wallin, postumt
2005    Staffan Svensson
2004    Maggie Olin
2003    Palle Danielsson
2002    Lina Nyberg
2001    Fredrik Ljungkvist
2000    Mats Gustafsson
1999    Per ”Texas” Johansson
1998    Lars Danielsson
1997    Bobo Stenson
1996    Jonas Knutsson
1995    Lennart Åberg
1994    Anders Jormin
1993    Joakim Milder

Life Time Achievement

Svensk Jazz's honorary prize for lifelong efforts in jazz music is available to, each year since 2002, celebrate one of jazz's great personalities with a honors award. It can also go to international musicians. The award is a glass sculpture.

Previous award winners

2016    Nannie PorresNannie Porres
2015    Erik Norström
2014    Bosse Broberg
2013    Monica Dominique
2012    Alice Babs
2011    Bengt Hallberg
2010    Georg Riedel
2009    Bernt Rosengren 
2008    Jan Allan
2007    Bengt-Arne Wallin
2006    George Russell
2005    Johnny Mekoa
2004    Rune Gustavsson
2003    Toots Thielemans
2002    Svend Asmussen


Årets Jazzkommun
 (Jazz municipality of the year)
Svensk Jazz's award Årets Jazzkommun is handed out in order to give attention to the municipality where jazz has been given best benefit. The award is not just about the award winner having realized the value of jazz with generous contributions as a result, but primarily about the quality of the business and the efforts made for jazz. The award should be seen as incentive for the municipality, music school and region to deepen cooperation and to reach several and larger listener groups. 


Årets jazzkommun - Jönköping

Previous award winners

2016    Jönköping
2015    Växjö
2014    Hässleholm
2013    Bollnäs






Årets Jazzklubb
 (Jazz club of the year)
The award Årets Jazzklubb is about a jazz club that according to its prerequisites, has created amazing meetings between music and audiences in all parts of the arrangement. Meetings with existing and new audiences, musicians, ambiance and all that can not be touched but that makes a good arrangement. New award from 2017.

Award winner:

2017    Öbacka Jazz & Blues