Arrangörsrådet (Arranger's board)

Based on decisions taken at jazzriksdagen (the annual meeting), Arrangörsrådet has the task to develope and have ongoing responsibility for arranger's development and arranger's issues within Svensk Jazz, issues that the association's board is not intended to put time in.

When the board was constituted in the winter of 2011, a "to-do list" was formulated. This was very extensive and long, so a tough priority was required. Everyone in the council had many needs from above all arranging clubs in the country.

On the "to-do list" there are issues like regional cooperation, advice and tips, law, finding ways to increase regional contributions, etc.

There is another long range of other assignments and skills that the future Arrangörsråd should present to facilitate and develop the arrangers' operation. What those needs look like only you who are active will know. Please convey your thoughts and suggestions.

NOTE! The forum for arrangers has moved to Facebook. Search for "Svensk Jazz Arrangörsforum" and click "Join Group" to apply for membership.

Arrangörsrådet consists today of: Bronson B. Månsson (chairman), Irene Nord Engdahl, Ylva Fahlström Myrman, Jan Sjöbom, Helen Carlsson, Sten Elmgart and Qlaez Wennberg. Alternate members are Linda Gustafsson, Per-Mikael Henriksson and Kenneth Johnson.



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